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Automotive Wergs offers complete car care. And you can buy your next car at Wergs Automotive, Sarasota’s Concierge Automotive Solution.

Wergs Automotive Is the Premier Car Detailing Company in Sarasota, FL Any time is the right time to have your car detailed in Sarasota, Florida when you have a detailer you can trust.

Wergs Automotive is an expert automotive detailing company. Many car owners think of auto detailing as just making their car look nice, hand washing, wiping windows, vacuuming the interior, bringing the sparkle back to wheels and hardware, and a durable wax that will last six months to a year.

Wergs Automotive goes beyond the basics of auto detailing. Come in and ask us about decontamination (iron removal) and clay bar treatment. Try out our one-step machine polishing that restores the shine and depth of your car’s exterior. And protect your car’s beauty with our ceramic coating or paint protection films.

Wergs Automotive Is Your One-Stop Shop for Paint Protection XPel Ultimate Plus is the glossiest, longest-lasting, and most durable paint protection film on the market today. It is so optically clear that it is virtually invisible to the naked eye. Reach New Heights with our Executive Car Service to Charlotte Airport Route.

XPel Ultimate Plus forms a nearly invisible finish on your bumpers and all over the exterior of your car. XPel Ultimate Plus from Wergs Automotive doesn’t just make your car prettier, it makes its finish tougher. Discoloration and stain-resistant, this self-healing film uses a new edge sealing technology that keeps your paint job from being exposed to the elements.

Wergs Automotive’s computer-driven precut kit fits XPel film to your car for the most precise protection possible. But what if your car didn’t have paint protection?

Wergs Automotive Is Your One-Stop Shop for Paint Correction Wergs Automotive offers professional paint correction services. Our experienced technicians will remove all imperfections to create a seamless finish, bringing your vehicle’s paint to better than its factory condition.

Whether it’s fine scratches, water spots, or unsightly damage from acidic animal waste, paint correction at Wergs Automotive will restore the protective layer that will make your car look brand new again.

Wergs Automotive Is Your One-Stop Shop for Ceramic Coating which keeps your car looking brand new. It’s a hydrophobic coating that makes water bead on the surface of your car when it rains or when you wash it. It also creates a non-stick surface that forces dirt and chemicals to slide right off, so your car is easier to keep clean.

Ceramic Coating protects your car against rust and corrosion. What’s the advantage of Wergs Automotive Ceramic Coating over Wergs Automotive Paint Protection? It’s all about where you use your car.

For inland driving, Wergs Automotive Paint Protection may be just the level of protection your car’s finish needs. But if your car gets heavy exposure to salt, talk with us about Wergs Automotive Ceramic Coating.

New Services at Wergs Automotive

Did you know you can keep your car in climate-controlled storage at Wergs Automotive? Since June 2019, Wergs Automotive has been offering clean, safe, reliable, dehumidified, and temperature-controlled storage units for cars of all makes, models, and years. Wergs Automotive Storage offers you access to your car seven days a week.

And did you know that, since June 2021, you can rent a car and even buy a car at Wergs Automotive? Test the luxury car you have always dreamed about with a rental from Wergs Automotive.

Then buy a great luxury car at an unbeatable price at Wergs Automotive. Wergs Automotive is the only name you need to know for all your automotive needs. Call us at 941.960.0407. Then set your GPS for Wergs Automotive, 4386 Independence Ct, Sarasota, FL 34234. A Seamless and Simple Way to Rent a Luxury Car Charlotte NC